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  1. admin says:

    Absolute is a Cauliflower. 70 Days to Maturity.Absolute is the perfect choice for a main season fresh market variety. This self-wrapping variety offers good protection to its heads that are white, domed and have good curd density. Excellent uniformity at maturity and wide adaptability has been noted in all trial locations. Adapted to cool coastal climates, Eastern and Mid U.S.

  2. Dennis Mire says:

    I purchased some plants, and I’m not sure if they are what I think they are. I think they are cauliflower. The little stick says ABSOLUTE 08/17/2016. Can you confirm?

  3. Tina – - I am looking to grow Nebraska Wedding Tomatoes this spring at Cafe Hope Farms in Marrero. I plan on purchasing about 300 fantastic tomato plants from Langridge and grow them at Cafe Hope in addition to the Nebraska Wedding Tomatoes. I am wondering if I provide Landgridge with 100 Nebraska seeds can you grow them and I will buy them back at your normal price? Please let me know.

    Thanks – Patrick Connick

    Holland Brand Farms LLC

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