Specialty Crops

Asiatic Lily

These Lilies thrive in full sun but can also take partial shade.

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Caladiums are available starting in April. They are grown in 4" pots and 6.5" pots.

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Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are available around March and are easy to care for. They are grown from bulbs known as rhizomes. They can grow in almost any type of soil as long as it is damp at all times. Common names for the Callas are the Easter Lily and Lily of the Nile.

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Height 8-10" - Width 12-14" - Full Sun

7 Photos

Louisiana Iris

15 Photos


See each picture for growth habits.

18 Photos


Poinsettias are commonly referred to as the Christmas plants. They are available during the months of November and December. The crop featured in this gallery was from our 2011 crop.

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