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Langridge Plant Sales was founded in 1982 by Harold and Linda Langridge. The company started out as your basic tomato farm with fields of tomato plants and one greenhouse for backup. When they discovered that growing vegetables in the greenhouse was much more efficient, they tore up the fields and built more greenhouses.

In 1999, the company was purchased by the general manager, Tony Carter. He and the same staff worked hard at gradually expanding the business to where it is today. 33 years in business and the company is now on 20-acres of land in lower Belle Chasse, Louisiana. This includes 70,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse production and 4 acres of outdoor production.

Our product has increased to include not only vegetables, but annuals, perennials, ferns, shrubs, citrus, and landscape supplies. We are also a distributor of Nature’s Source Plant Food. Our customers are mainly Independent ¬†garden centers and Landscape Contractors. Our delivery range is about 100 miles from our location. This includes southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi.

6 Responses to About Us

  1. admin says:

    We haven’t delivered that far but yes you can pick up orders from the nursery

  2. admin says:

    we dont spray anything on our milkweeds

  3. admin says:

    we dont spray anything on our milkweeds

  4. Judy says:

    Do you use neonicotinoids? I was going to purchase some milkweed from Jefferson Feed but decided to wait on your answer. I have been only purchasing plants free of neonicotinoids and any other pesticides since they are now suspected of killing the pollinators that I’m actually trying to attract.

  5. georgia honore says:

    We are located in Wilson, LA 70789. Do yo deliver that far? if not are we allowed to pick up
    we would like to be able to purchase wholesale bedding plants in the state.

    Georgia Honore

  6. Sandra Ward says:

    do you have a catalog?If so mail it to Audubon Nature Institute attn:Golf Course Dept. 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans La.70118.How much charge for shipping?Thank you.

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